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Discovering your IOT solutions with us.
From connecting devices to human value.


Digitalization has become a global trend and radically reshaping the global economic system. As a result from constant development of the internet, mobile applications and technologies based on artificial intelligence, and increasing globalization accelerating growth factor to the modern economy. Driving with this vision, Fiberail’s solution will empower your organization for digital transformation.

Explore your IOT business solutions with Fiberail.

01. Device Connection

IoT devices
IoT connectivity
Embedded intelligence

02. Data Sensing

Capture data
Sensor and tags

03. Communication

Focus on access
Networks, cloud, edge
Data transport

04. Data Analytics

Big data analysis
AI and congnitive
Analysis at the edge

05. Data Value

Analysis to action
APIs and processes
Actionable intelligence

06. Human Value

Smart applications
Stakeholder benefits
Tangible benefits


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