Our Vision

To Be The Preferred Communications Solution Provider.

Fiberail aims to be the preferred communications solution provider by capitalising on its greatest strength: its people. The extra mile is never too far for Fiberail’s staff when it comes to providing the first class customer service that clients have come to associate with Fiberail.

 Our Mission

To Be The Company of Choice Through:

Building Dynamic, Sincere & Valued Partnerships

Fiberail believes that it does not exist in a vacuum. The industry, as with society in general, consists of many parties interacting on many different levels. Fiberail believes in sincere dealings and building partnerships, especially with customers. Fiberail sees customers as partners; we should never think of ways to make the most money from customers, instead we should always try to find the best way to fulfill the customers’ needs that will be mutually beneficial. This is how a partnership works.

Anticipating and Fulfilling Customer Needs

At Fiberail, the emphasis is always on the customers. All staff are ever ready not just to meet the customers’ requests as they come in or even to meet standard expectations but our customer service and technical support team are primed to anticipate customers’ needs before the need arises. In the telecommunications industry, customers’ needs are often foreseeable; therefore Fiberail’s staff are trained to be prepared, to offer solutions as soon as the need arises and to prevent problems so there’s no need to solve them after the fact.

Constantly Raising Industry Standards

Fiberail constantly offers new innovative services to give our customers better choices and to improve industry standards in general, as Fiberail is committed to improving the future of Malaysia’s telecommunications industry.